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Specialising in the removal of termites

Dependable Pest Control Services in Sunbury

Any sort of infestation can cause long-lasting and dangerous damage to your home or place of business. We provide effective termite control and pest management services to all areas of the Macedon Ranges and beyond including Sunbury and surrounding areas. With over 10 years in the control and extermination industry, we have developed specific treatments and techniques which are ideal for many types of properties.

Our professional technicians are able to inspect your existing or new properties for any signs of infestation. We can provide you with treatment plans and preventative measures to ensure you protect your property from the foundations up. We apply long-lasting barriers to assist in the prevention of further infestation.

Termite Control Specialists

While we are able to treat your home for a variety of bug invasions, we are most proficient at tackling the dangerous and devastating termites. These bugs cause damage to homes that can put the entire structural integrity at risk. As these critters feast on your timber they weaken your support systems, causing your entire home to have weak spots. An untreated infestation can lead to sunken foundations, destroyed internal timber in the walls and even ceiling collapses.

We employ state of the art techniques and the latest technologies to inspect and treat your home. Our pest control and management systems have been tested and used in homes across Sunbury and beyond, resulting in great success and prevention of further problems.

To find out more about how we can help you avoid infestations or treat your current problems, simply call us on 1300 667 085 or by completing our online contact form.